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Having already migrated over thousands of email accounts into the Microsoft cloud, our team is highly experienced in migrating from Exchange 2003-2013, IMAP, POP3, Gmail, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and more into Office 365. Whether it’s from on-premise or the cloud, our low risk migration solutions help you get up and running in the Microsoft productivity suite without skipping a beat.

Office 365 Cloud Solution

Are you an Office 365 customer? Is support from Microsoft just not cutting it? Nexinite is here to help. As Silver Microsoft partners, we can take over as primary support contacts for your Office 365 tenant through our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 24/7 admin U.S. support from Nexinite support team.
  • Unified billing for all Office 365 licenses
  • Secure online portal for managing subscriptions
Nexinite Support helps our customers get the most out of Office 365

You talk we listen

New customers often contact Nexinite to ask about email & the cloud options. We view this as an opportunity to build a partnership and help you find tools you need to grow your business.

We want to drive alongside our customers for many years and help you pick the suite of tools, platforms and services that best meet your unique needs.

We want our customers to gain the advantages of Office 365 by using it to its fullest extent and capabilities. After all, the real power of Office 365 comes from integrating its available tools.

Here are five ways Nexinite helps customers get the most from their investment in Office 365:

1. Understand each customer’s business needs

What are you trying to solve or what problems are you experiencing? We’re often able to show you features in Office 365 you’re already paying for, which can help further your goals. We help you evaluate immediate needs, and look at how you may expand your usage across the product suite. By starting with business needs, we can help you get the best return on your investment Office 365 by recommending the best solutions for your problems.

2. Pick the right package

Nexinite doesn’t expect all businesses to fit into the same box. One of the unique qualities of Office 365 is the number of different purchasing options it offers, all based on the products and services you need.

3. Help customers select the best add-ons

The real power of Office 365 comes from the wide variety of add-ons that can add functionality to the Office 365 products, especially in terms of mobility. Our specialists can answer questions about add-ons for your specific needs, current and scalable growth.

For example, an add-on that many small businesses are not aware of is Azure Rights Management, a compliance and security add-on that provides a variety of features, such as point-to-point, email encryption, data loss prevention and document protection.

Businesses can use it to specify that certain employees have read/write privileges while another group only has permission to read. Azure Rights Management offers a lot of flexibility, especially for organizations in a regulated industry or with compliance mandates.

4. Determine external programs to replace with Office 365 tools

Since Office 365 has many different applications, we often find customers are paying for an additional program from another vendor with the exact same capability as a tool already included in your Office 365 suite.

Another example, many businesses do not realize OneDrive, which is included in Office 365, provides the same capabilities as Dropbox, but with significant security enhancements.

Many businesses opt to replace collaboration tools such as Slack with Microsoft Teams, which is a chat-based workspace in Office 365. Teams enables your employees to conduct team chats that are visible to the entire team or smaller, more private group chats. This allows the company to save money by no longer paying for additional solutions, and can reduce time spent on maintenance and administration of an additional program.

5. Help small businesses use entire suite to increase productivity

We’ve learned most businesses only use the Office 365 tools they’re most familiar with or already using, which is usually just Microsoft Exchange.

Once you adopt the Office 365 suite, we can help you better understand and use more of its applications, thus increasing productivity. Many businesses find they can use OneDrive for Business partnered with SharePoint document libraries to replace storage solutions you’re currently paying for. Based on the license you’re getting, you have anywhere from one terabyte to unlimited terabytes of storage per user to store documents.

SharePoint is another tool that can give business big benefits when used in collaboration across teams to gain mobile access to all the information you need, including calendars, groups and planning tools. You can also add Planner, a lightweight project management app launched within SharePoint that lets team leaders assign tasks and responsibilities to team members and then track their process.

At Nexinite we live our commitment to providing relationship focused Support – it isn’t just a catchy phrase or a tagline, it’s a commitment. When you call your Nexinite team, we don’t read from a script to solve your problem. You have access to specialists to help you find the best solution for your specific business needs.

Yes, we solve the problem you are having today, but we’re also dedicated to partnering with you over the long haul. We want you to get the best return on your investment, and as your business keeps growing, our relationship focused Support team will be able to support you with a custom solution or managed services offering, perfect for your evolving needs.

What you need is here now!

Ready for a solution? We can help you every step of the way.

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