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We can Provide Solutions for Any Business Size. We Customize for any Industry. Working in the Cloud is not "Up and Coming", it's HERE!

Are you ready to become a truly digital enterprise but not sure how to get there? We deliver more agility, flexibility and the freedom to innovate. Let’s get started. From digital strategy to cloud transformation and digital marketing, we have the solutions to spur your success.

Every business has a unique set of needs, and yours is no different! Our team helps you determine how Office 365 can be best used to meet your goals, and show you the best way to get there!

  • Deep environmental analysis from our engineers
  • Get an itemized road map for achieving cloud readiness (We can help you implement!)
  • Discover the Office 365 plan that makes the most sense for your business!

Modifications or customization ─ streamlining your business processes to your unique needs helps improve user acceptance, extend overall functionality and enhance the user experience, increasing ROI. We help you leverage the capabilities of Office 365 and SharePoint online to deliver realized benefits and maximize your ROI and gain increased efficiency throughout your business.

  • Office 365 & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Custom Solutions ─ Competitive advantage, cut costs and improve operational efficiencies.
  • SharePoint Development ─ Development and integration with existing LOB applications, customizing existing SharePoint online apps or provide a new solution.
  • SharePoint Migrations: ─ Immediate access to an enhanced UI, better document collaboration and cutting-edge search and mobile access, rolling enhancements instead of waiting for fixed-date patches. For SharePoint online or in the Cloud.
  • System Integration ─ Integration helps you streamline your business processes by reducing redundancy and automating things like applications and approvals
  • Strategy Advisor ─ Helping you rethink your current internal workflow processes, including overall planning, documentation, and testing. We’ll meet with your staff to share our experience, best practices and guidance to solve problems.

SharePoint Online

Work Smarter with Office 365 Document Management Solutions
Microsoft Sharepoint Online - Document Management

Do you want to find ways to ease your company’s document management? Have you thought about how the cloud can improve your data flow and security? Nexinite can help you move your data to the cloud and take advantage of the powerful business solutions Microsoft Office 365 has to offer. SharePoint Online enables your applications and files to move with you across device and location. Upload, edit, and share with ease all on the go.


OneDrive for Business, an Office 365 service, allows you 1TB of online document storage so you can access and work on your documents from any device, PC, Mac, tablet, and phone. All you need is internet access and through Office Online you have full application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) capacity at your fingertips.


Nexinite works with you to set up SharePoint so that you can share files to people both within and outside your office. You have control over who can see and edit what. Each user has 1TB of personal storage that is managed centrally by your IT department. There is no headache over version control because all your files will be saved online automatically so that you always have access to the latest version.


Nexinite offers SharePoint migration services to move all your files and documents into the cloud. Nexinite customizes this process to each business so that you can have the files you need when you need them. This process is done without interrupting your business by decreasing downtime to ensure you are up and running as easily and quickly as possible.


SharePoint gives your company the option to customize its functions to best suit your organization. You can build company branding into the interface, create custom navigation, and individualize user interface.


SharePoint gives your team members the ability to collaborate easily and effectively. Not only does SharePoint allow for file sharing with each user equipped with 1TB of personal storage, but files are automatically saved online, which means your team members can access the latest version of each file as well as the conveniently provide real-time feedback to enhance work flow. And if any of your team member is working remotely, with SharePoint they’ll be able to access work documents from any device with Internet connection; no more lost productivity.

Ready for a solution? We can help you every step of the way.

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