Why Nexinite

The American Dream means many things to different people. For business owners with companies of all sizes, it has been about the capability of manifesting one’s own destiny. Your business needs to be built on a successful infrastructure. We give businesses the power to maximize their technology investments, regardless of industry or size, through an understanding of their business and goals.

Nexinite LLC a Microsoft Partner, specializes in using Microsoft tools to provide innovative business solutions. We deliver customized, scalable infrastructure, providing collaborative, information management solutions. Our approach is to work with existing systems using Microsoft tools deployed at your organization. We use standard platforms like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & Power BI to provide insightful management and reporting capabilities to help your productivity in the most efficient, smartest way possible. Whether you’re in need of moving your business to the cloud, or need solutions and consulting in the cloud, we can help every step of the way. Our passion is finding the right solutions and implementing a strategy that will last for the long haul. Let us help you achieve your goals!


Our customers come from a wide variety of industries. We specialize in small, midsize and enterprise businesses with custom cloud solutions that fit their unique needs and business model. No two companies are alike and we strive to bring together a company’s immediate technical needs, growth, vision and budget.


It’s nice to have IT staff in house with an intimate knowledge of your business. However, few professionals are experts in all areas. Engaging in external, professional services, especially for complex solutions with a non-biased recommendation can open doors within your business, challenge the norms and bring all the great minds in the room to the table. The whole organization benefits, when the whole organization benefits.


  • To listen, collaborate and deliver vendor-supported business solutions as approved by our clients.
  • To promote industry best practices contributing to our clients sustainability.
  • To be accountable in the provisioning of cost-effective business solutions within our clients technology environment.
  • To be exemplary in our leadership actions, and have respect for all stakeholders.
  • To nurture an organizational team environment that promotes forward-thinking and positive attitudes.
  • To equip our professional team using developmental growth tools enabling a highly-skilled workforce.
  • To encourage our team to be selfless leaders who demonstrate good stewardship of the resources entrusted to them.
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